Half butt / bend yellow fine hair cell printed split


This is a beautiful 2.9 – 3.1 mm thick natural semi chrome (mixed tanned) leather hide.

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This is a beautiful 2.9 – 3.1 mm thick natural semi chrome (mixed tanned)  tanned leather hide. It can be used to make belts, straps, bags, sheats and accessories. This leather is a very sturdy fine cell printed split. Leather split is the part of the leather that is left after the top grain is split down. This fine cell printed leather has a very even surface as well as a smooth, very well finished back that makes it ideal for belts, straps and satchels.

This hide comes from our workshop and has been used to make some items hence the actual size. This hide is roughly 56×126 cm and 0.71 sq meters or 7.60 sq feet.

The semi chrome tanning process offers the benefits of both worlds. The leather is vegetable tanned offering strength and fullness while the chrome tanning offers dimensional stability and colour fastness.

Pictures are of the actual hide you will be receiving.

We strive to have the pictures as close to the real colour as possible, some differences may occur due to lighting conditions and monitor settings.


All hides are natural products and thus may come with marks, blemishes, growth lines, brands and other such imperfections. As a leather worker it is important to understand that using the hide carefully and choosing where to cut the patterns is vital to having a quality product in the end.Please leave telephone number. All shipping companies we work with now require a valid phone number for the recipient.


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