Pull up leather explained

Pull up leathers are leathers that have been treated with a blend of oils and waxes to create a specific look and feel. These hides exhibit a “pull up” effect, a lightening or discoloration when the leather is manipulated. These leathers have  a slight waxy or oily feel and with time develop and antiqued, distressed look. 

The pull up effect can be very pronounced or quite subtle and both chrome tanned and vegetable tanned hides can exhibit a pull up effect. 

Usually just by buffing with a cloth the oils and waxes in the leather ca be “moved” around and the leather can changes it’s appearance going back to a less distressed look. 

Also these hides are more prone to scuffs and scratches but they usually are easy to buff away. 

Because of this finish many products made with this sort of leather tend to have an instant vintage look and patina that is much sought after.

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